5 November, 2019

Menu 1908en

Lunch time from Tuesday to Friday

Cream of pumpkin soup with with chestnut parmentier
Salad of magret of duck marinated with herbs and red fruits and nuts vinaigrette
Nyoquis 4 cheeses
Mixed vegetable stew with ham shavings
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and leek, and sobrasada small toast
Crispy prawns with romesco sauce. Supl. + 2€

Rice sea and mountain
Hock of pork on sautéed basmati rice and sweet wine sauce
Breast of guinea fowl stuffed with dates and foie with Potato gratin and mushroom sauce
Grilled asparagus with fried egg and roast pepper
Salmon supreme micuit with Sauteed spinach Catalan style and tangerine sauce
Tuna steak on ratatouille, light mashed potatoes and olivada. (supl +4€)

Carpaccio of pineapple with yogurt ice cream
Apple Tatín cake with milk-cinnamon flavoured ice-cream
Pudding of fresh cheese with caramel sauce
Fig mousse with pomegranate jelly and white chocolate sauce
Ice-cream cup (Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or lemon)

Bread, water and cup of wine, or beer or soft drink

15,75 € VAT included

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