Lunch time from Tuesday to Friday

Cream of leek soup with croutons and basil oil
Salad with tomato, fresh cheese and quince
Cappelletti of ricotta and spinach barcelona style with parmesan and truffle oil
Salmon carpaccio marinated in dill
Vegetable coca with tomato and anchovies 
Crispy prawns with romesco sauce. Supl. + 2€

Bacon risotto with mushroom and bull negre (kind of Catalan sausage)
Sea bass suprème baked with potato, onion and tomato
Pickled leg of duck with pears and muscatel sauce
Veal in wok with vegetables, sautéed Basmati rice and mushrooms sauce
Grilled asparagus with poached egg and bodega ham
Tuna on ratatouille, light potato cream and olivade (supl +4€)

Pineapple carpaccio with coconut chantilly
Tiramisu with toffee sauce
Pudding of fresh cheese with coulis of figs
Whipped Truffle cream cake with English cream 
Ice-cream cup (Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or lemon)

Bread, water and cup of wine, or beer or soft drink

15,75 € VAT included

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