24 octubre, 2016

Menu 27

Lunch time from Tuesday to Friday

Salad of lettuce hearts with baked pepper and anchovy vinaigrette
Tuna carpaccio with olivade
Spaghetti carbonara
Cream of mushrooms soup with croutons

Pork tenderloin with basmati rice, vegetable chips and curry sauce
Assorted grilled vegetables with romesco sauce
Black fideuà with mussels and prawns (noodle paella with ink)
Mi-cuit salmon suprème with sautéed papaya and asparagus with vanilla oil

Truffled little cake with vanilla ice-cream
Strawberry soup with yogurt ice cream
Rice Pudding (Made with Coconut Milk) and nougat ice-cream
Ice-cream cup ( Vanilla , strawberry, chocolate or lemon )

VIDIVI (Espelt, negre, DO Empordà) supplement 12,75 €
RIGAU ROS Chardonnay (Oliveda, blanc, DO Empordà) supplement 12,75 €

Bread, water and cup of wine, or beer or soft drink

15,50 € VAT included

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