3 mayo, 2019

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Lunch time from Tuesday to Friday

Cold tomato and strawberry cream with fresh cheese foam
Assorted salad of cod, salmon and tuna with avocado and pistachio vinaigrette.
Meat ravioli with saffron béchamel and bacon.
Rockfish pie with fantasy salads and cocktail sauce.
Mixed vegetable stew with ham shavings.
Crispy prawns with romesco sauce. Supl. + 2€

Fideuà with quail and mushrooms.
Baked sea bream supreme above grilled vegetables and mandarins sauce.
Stewed veal cheek cannelloni, with potato parmentier, curry sauce and crunchy parmesan.
Pork “secret” with hummus and carbón oil.
Quiche leek with roast pepper sauce and vegetable chips.
Codfish supreme au gratin with garlic mousseline. Supl. + 4€

Mango soup with Greek yogurt mousse.
Cheese cake with white chocolate sauce and pistachio ice cream.
Banana tarte Tatin with coconut ice cream.
Ravioli stuffed with chocolate crème, with toffee sauce.
Ice-cream cup (Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or lemon)

Bread, water and cup of wine, or beer or soft drink

15,75 € VAT included

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